Distilled Leadership

Since humans discovered fire,  we’ve been creating beverages that spark our creative spirit.  Somewhere deep down, we’re compelled to quench our thirst; and maybe, to quench something deeper.

Go ahead...Find Your Spirit.

Events Open to the Public

Uno’s Grill, Scotch, Bourbon & Dinner. Thursday, Apr 18th

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Pineville Fishtown, Whiskey tasting & Dinner. Thursday, Apr 25th

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A Shot Of Energy For Better Productivity And Sustained Growth
As a leader, you face persistent challenges generic workshops can’t solve. That’s why we’ve reinvented corporate team building… and infused it with bourbon. Here’s how we we help your teams grow:

  1. In-depth pre-workshop assessments of your teams to identify key issues.
  2. Engaging bourbon-themed workshops featuring storytelling and practical exercises that cut right to the core of your challenges.
  3. Ongoing coaching and follow up to ensure your teams continuing growth and success.

Let us help you improve collaboration, communication and performance in a totally unexpected and highly effective way.
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Why We Bring Bourbon Into Your Team Building Workshop

Bourbon makers have overcome more adversity than almost any other industry.

We blend instructive stories from the bourbon industry’s history with practical targeted exercises to help you improve the ways your teams collaborate and solve problems.

what they say about us

"A lot of fun. Great presentation, including the food and bourbon. Awesome experience."

"Cool and different. A great experience."

"Enjoyed the interaction between staff and leadership,"

"It was a great learning experience. Everyone was honest and open, and it brought our team closer. Loved the stories and the bourbon!"

"Fun time and a great concept! Thank you Michael!"

"Great experience!"

"Awesome night! A welcome alternative to the usual and already thinking of my own clients I can recommend this to. Thanks again!"

"Very informative. Greats hosts. Very knowledgeable and fun experience."

"Interesting and fun."

"Very informative and overall fun! It was a great night!"

"The event was very well setup. The bourbon choices and food were awesome. I think it might be better to slow down the event a little and allow more time."

"Very informative and it gave me the opportunity to sample some bourbons that I haven't had before. I hope to attend another one again soon!"


Pack The House Any Night Of The Week
Our entertaining and engaging bourbon-themed experiences can fill your stools and tables any night of the week. Our events go way beyond the traditional brand-sponsored tasting. Here’s how one of our events can help you increase profits:

  • Ticket-buying customers ensure your revenue and boost your margins.
  • Our promotional and marketing support helps you pack the house.
  • We attract new customers to your locations who are eager to return to try new and interesting bourbons.

Let us produce an experience that will amaze your customers and boost your profits.

Deliver A Unique And Unforgettable Experience

Dazzle Your Guests With A Private Bourbon Event.
We partner with event planners to put on bourbon events for crowds of any size. Our immersive experiences, interesting bourbons and fascinating stories will leave your guests buzzing.
Let us help you deliver an event your guests will never forget.
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Urban Bourbon Tour

Twisted Tail, Philadelphia, PA
Saturday, April 13th

Scotch, Bourbon and Dinner

Uno's Grill, Bensalem, PA
Thursday, April 18th

Whiskey Tasting and Dinner

Pineville Fishtown, Philadelphia, PA
Thursday, April 25th