Distilled Leadership

Since humans discovered fire,  we’ve been creating beverages that spark our creative spirit.  Somewhere deep down, we’re compelled to quench our thirst; and maybe, to quench something deeper.

Go ahead...Find Your Spirit.

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Uno’s Grill, Scotch, Bourbon & Dinner. Thursday, Apr 18th

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Pineville Fishtown, Whiskey tasting & Dinner. Thursday, Apr 25th

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What We Do

Our standard workshops are based on teams with up to 12 leaders or members and can be held at your offices or locations convenient for you. We recommend taking your team offsite, for a more effective and enjoyable learning development experience. We can accommodate additional team members, as needed. We recommend a maximum of 18 participants per workshop.

The Distilled Leadership Introduction: A half-day workshop

  • Overview of leadership development,
  • Introducing how high performing teams and leaders develop,
  • The Six “Find your Spirit” success principles of the whiskey and bourbon industry relevant for today’s leaders.
  • Immersion into the Distilled Leadership bourbon experience, with 3 tasting rounds of premium and super-premium bourbons, along with food pairings and entertaining talk.
  • The workshop runs 3½- 4 hours, and the total fee is $4,995 for up to 12 participants.

The Distilled Leadership Full Day Experience workshop:

  • Everything in the half-day workshop, plus
  • Activities and in-depth interactions that explore the six “Find Your Spirit” success principles. Participants apply the principles to their own leadership experiences and challenges.
  • The Bourbon Trail Experience is a team-based event based around 4-5 tasting rounds of premium, super-premium and rare and hard-to-find bourbons, along with gourmet food pairings and entertaining conversation. This is a full leadership and team bonding experience.
  • The workshop runs 7½ hours, and the total fee is $6,995 for up to 12 participants.

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What We Do

Led by Michael Kutner, Distilled Leadership integrates leadership development, team building, and customer appreciation with bourbon tasting to create a truly unforgettable professional development experience.

We offer half-day and 1-day workshops that build leadership capabilities, strengthen team performance and dynamics, enhanced through the unique history and appreciation for bourbon, America’s true native spirit. We enjoy getting creative, as well, if you need us to adapt elements of our program for your leadership and team needs.

Leadership and team development workshops are expensive and haven’t changed in over 30 years. Our twist is our unique experience-based model combined with engaging and interactive leadership lessons of the whiskey and bourbon industry.

Why bourbon? Because this 150+ year-old industry has grown faster in the past 5 years than throughout its entire history. We unlock the hidden leadership practices that business owners and executives can apply to increase their own leadership capabilities.

We’re interested in understanding how a mature industry has been able to generate such rapid growth, so we’ve distilled a set of leadership, team building, and customer appreciation principles down to a unique workshop experience. Our aim is to help leaders and teams learn about the industry and teach them how to apply these principles into their own leadership style and business practices. Not to mention it’s a hell of a good time.